Wednesday, July 13, 2016

People of Flathead Valley, WAKE UP!!!

Double click on photo to clearly see the location of the MAWC bottling Plant

The Rolling Pipeline

People of Flathead Valley, WAKE UP!!! We must act before it’s too late. We must all realize what is going on and work together to stop it. If we love our Valley, we must unite and put a stop to this Creston Bottling plant.
This is not the first time our Valley has been in jeopardy. In 1943, Army engineers, on behalf of the federal Bonneville and Grand Coulee power projects, proposed to take over the Kerr Dam and raise it 17 feet. Much of the Flathead Valley would have been flooded. Our fertile Valley would be under water and many of our towns would too. Governor Sam C. Ford, the state water conservation board, and thousands of our citizens protested at public hearings and got it stopped.
Well, our Valley is in jeopardy again, only this time much more under the radar. The aforementioned bottling plant proposes to produce 2 billion, 12-ounce bottles of water each and every year, once it has all its permits in place. Permits that are in force FOREVER. That is 189 million gallons of water a year out of our aquafer, FOREVER. This water is going to be piped to California, Nevada, and Arizona, via a rolling pipeline of 47 semi-trucks a day. 47 trucks going and 47 trucks coming every day. A rolling pipeline travelling through Bigfork, Woods Bay, Polson, or maybe Somers, Lakeside, either way, south to Interstate 90. Selling our water. They say that it will have no effect on us. They are in the “deep aquafer.” Apparently that puts the onus on the people of the Valley to prove that that it will have an effect on us. Deep aquafer, shallow aquafer, Flathead River, Flathead Lake, are they connected? They say they are not. I say common sense says that the recharge for all of our water comes from the same place. How can they not be connected? I say they should have to prove that their plant, and the ones that follow, and believe me there will be more, should have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they won’t make a wasteland out of our Valley in the years to come. Do you want to gamble on them or on common sense?
They do plan on leaving us something, though. Their plan is to dump all other water that they draw out of the aquafer (we don’t know that quantity) and use for processing their plastic bottles, (waste water) into the Flathead River system.
It’s time to get involved. Call the Governor, and all of our elected officials, voice your concerns. If you want to save this Valley for generations to come, Let’s Roll!!! Check out

6 July 2016
Jay Trepanier
407 Lake Loop Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901
257 2293

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