Sunday, July 31, 2016

How LARGE is a typical finished water bottling facility?

Q: How large is a typical finished water bottling facility that is bottling 1.61 acre feet per day like MAWC is permitted to bottle?

A: The proposed Crystal Geyser Water Bottling Plant that is in the photo at the bottom of the page,  is located in Mt. Shasta CA. (Was formally Coca-Cola.) According to the Crystal Geyser Web site, the plant intends to bottle 0.5 acre feet per day

According to measurements taken from Google Earth, the facility is approximately 700' by 214'.

The plant is visually about the size of a Walmart. (The Kalispell Walmart is 533' x 337'.)

In the DNRC Findings of Facts pg. 4, MAWC intends to bottle 588.08 acre feet per yr. When divided by 365 days = 1.61 acre ft. per day. So to bottle that much water, there would need to be 3 Wal-Mart size facilities located on Pederson Road, operating 24/7. 

(1.6 acre feet = 521362 gallons)

The beige MAWC “Steel Building” located on 405 Pederson Road would in no way provide a large enough facility to bottle the proposed amount of water.

 Is this a bait and switch from this?

 To this?  Or maybe times 3? (This could be coming to a neighborhood near you!)

The Crystal Geyser Plant is located at 214 Ski Village Dr. in Mt. Shasta CA. (Web Photo)
(The Mt. Shasta plant covers 3.4 acres.)

Note: During the previous Coca-Cola plant operations, the local residents reported they had well problems with water coming out with sand and dirt and no officials listening.


  1. yes, this is exactly a bait and switch!

  2. we have long figured that the metal building on site would we just the tip of the iceberg. we believe Lew Weaver is the "Trojan Horse" in this situation. 8 adjacent properties are owned by Weaver Mortuaries, Weaver Enterprises, and Weaver Entities. We can certainly fathom a huge corporation coming in to purchase those and "finish" the project. It will be of mammoth proprotions....what will we do then? This HAS to STOP HERE AND NOW!! Water wars have arrived in the Valley...get up and fight for YOUR WATER! Don't let it be bottled and exported from Montana! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!