Friday, March 25, 2016

Last night, Thurs Mar 24, we held our first meeting of the core of our concerned citizens group. We had great information shared. Soon we will have a public meeting and will post the information here.

As you may know already, there are numerous environmental issues here along with the water pumping issues. These include air pollution, water pollution, and possibly noise pollution as well.

Here on the Cascade Locks Oregon web there is a pro video (by Nestle) and there is a con video (by a citizens group). We will see many of these arguments again and again.

 The battle over the Columbia River Gorge Water

More on the Same subject...

Cascade Locks, Keep Nestle out

The Montana Artesian Water Company Environmental Assessment

Just a comment: Please note on page 3 under Water Quality that "Flathead Lake has been assessed and is identified by DEQ as not supporting aquatic life...".

This appears to be a fill in the blanks rushed EA done from the desk that was never proofread by anyone. Is this any indication of how carefully DNRC protects our county and our way of life?

 The Montana Artesian Bottling Company EA

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