Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In my view...

With less winter snow fall, earlier springs, and hotter summers... it seems that...

Arguing about climate change vs climate variation is like two men standing on the railroad tracks in the 1950s arguing about if the train approaching through the fog was a steam or a diesel. Unfortunately, their focus was on the heated argument between them and who was right and who was wrong, rather than on the oncoming train. We can guess what happened.

This is much like the situation we are finding ourselves in now with our declining aquifers which are due to less snowfall, hotter summers, and more demand. The real question is ...Do we see the oncoming train, and what are we going to do about it? We need to take immediate appropriate action. Allowing any of our water to be privatized and sold out of state in face of drought and water shortages is not an appropriate action. Let's not be like the two men who, being so focused on the argument, ignored the oncoming train.

But rather, let us make the choice to get our valley and ourselves out of harm's way and put a moratorium on industrial-scale water bottling plants in the our Flathead Valley.

Let's preserve our valley for generations to come.


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